Bucket List: Stay in a Bamboo Bungalow in Lombok in a tropical Lush Garden

When staying at SAME SAME, you will wake up in the morning, open your doors and feel nature come drifting in. That is the first thing you notice from staying in a bamboo bungalow in Lombok

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

Don’t expect a room that Paris Hilton would stay in. Our accommodations are made so that you get to be one with nature and feel everything alive around you. You will feel at home and easily make contact with like minded travelers. Our rooms are basic and cozy. Since I’ve traveled a fair bit already, I tried to create an environment in harmony with what Lombok is about

Our gardens

Many people praise us for having amazing gardens, even though the praise is not our motivation for creating a piece of nature in town. We’ve made the choice of not cutting down any trees and instead planting over 700 plants and flowers. A part of our fruits and vegetables are homegrown as well. So when you order a fresh juice or a coconut, it might just be that one of our staff picks your fruit right off the tree for you!

Gardening is cheaper then therapy. And you get tomatoes.

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