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coworking space lombok

Our Co-working space are shared office spaces for rent between individuals or a group of individuals. They act as affordable working spaces for different people: entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads,… All those who are looking for a flexible desk solution.

The atmosphere inside our co-working environment is totally different from that of corporate cubicles. The energy and vibes of the people occupying our coworking space are amazing to witness.

You will find young freelancers, talented individuals, and groups in various businesses talking about work, while some sit at their private desks, completely engrossed in work sipping away at their tea or coffee. The office culture of our co-working space in Lombok is very flexible, allowing our visitors to better harmonise with one another and enhance teamwork.

working at coworking space lombok

Why Choose Co-working space Lombok?

One of the problems that our co-working space helps to solve is that of being isolated, which many freelancers and digital nomads face. Co-working in Lombok has major growth potential with rising number of places that start providing limited desk possibilities. With opening our co-working space, we set the trend for a positive rise of coworking spaces in the future.

Major Benefits Provided by Co-Working Spaces

  1. Office amenities such as chairs, desk, internet connections, air conditioning, etc
  2. Hot-desks.
  3. Separate area for eating, this can be done in our restaurant.
  4. Lush and green garden.
  5. No fixed work timings.
    You can work as and when you want as long as the facility is open.
  6. Tropical minimalistic design.

Research has shown that co-working spaces promote feelings of contributing to more meaningful work, having a sense of job control, and building a sense of community.

Are you tired of Bali and want to get some work done in Lombok? Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding a membership.

You can reach us 24/7 on our e-mail : [email protected]

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