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Explore Narmada Water Park

Narmada Water Park is actually something of a misnomer as this is not an amusement park but actually more of a water palace.

The park was built in 1727 under the sage guidance of King Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Karang Asem and is seen as an important religious and spiritual retreat by those who follow the Hindu faith.

Make sure to check out the amazing architecture here as the park is built to mirror the shape of Mount Rinjani which is the highest peak on Lombok and also considered to be a sacred mountain.

The park is surrounded by lush gardens which are perfect for an afternoon stroll as there are natural springs here that give the park its water element.

Narmada Water Park is not as grand as some of the more famous water parks in Bali but it is well worth a visit if you want to check out some ancient architecture in Lombok.

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