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The island of Lombok is ready to reboot tourism.

It’s been a long hibernation with us all stuck at home counting down the days to when we can finally get out and explore again.
That day has arrived but life has changed, perhaps forever. How is this ‘new normal’ era affecting everyday life and tourism in Lombok? Actually, it’s surprisingly little.

Lombok’s wide open spaces and relatively low-key tourism has always offered social distancing by default. We’ve never really had to tread on people’s toes when strolling along the beach. There is plenty of space for everyone, especially now as tourism restarts at a gradual pace, even in the busy Gili Islands and Senggigi.

Lombok has been blessed in that there are virtually no high rise hotels – it’s mostly single story open fronted public spaces and detached bungalow style suites and rooms. It’s the same for dining and drinking too, with most places outside the city offering an open air style experience and now with limited capacity including beach side dining.

Now we’re all itching to go and explore. Lombok is blessed with off the grid experiences and wide open spaces.

Original article in latest edition from My Lombok Magazine.

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