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MXGP forms new TV partnership with Saudi Sports Company

Today, Infront Moto Racing announced a deal that will see the FIM Motocross World Championship in Indonesia for the next five years.

The new agreement with the event-execution company SEG guarantees two MXGP events in Indonesia every season for five years.

SEG isn’t new to GP promotion; after its involvement in organising this year’s MXGP of Indonesia in Samota-Sumbawa – considered a surprise success.

As well as welcoming passionate motocross fans, the community and local government appeared fully behind the GP. At the same time, the paddock and many in the media hailed the track as a particular highlight.

The targeted destinations for the future Indonesian rounds include the Island of Lombok and the Island of Sumbawa, two locations very passionate about motorsports.

Infront Moto Racing CEO David Luongo: “IMR is delighted about this announcement. The last MXGP of Indonesia in Sumbawa has been a fantastic success.

“The MXGP family has been welcomed in a very unique way with a memorable parade crossing the city and dozens of thousands of Indonesian fans coming to enjoy the racing weekend.

“The track, surrounded by the sea of Sumbawa, was very spectacular, and we are all very excited to come back for the next five years for two Grands Prix with the addition of Lombok, next to the MotoGP facilities.

“I would like to thank SEG and its CEO Muhammad Ihsan Zulkieflimansyah for their strong commitments, the Indonesian authorities, the region of West Nusa Tenggara and IMI for all their support to bring the MXGP to Indonesia and to contribute to its constant growth.”

CEO of Samota Enduro Gemilang (SEG), Muhammad Ihsan Zulkieflimansyah: “We all are very thrilled to have the opportunity to hold the MXGP 2022 in Indonesia, especially in Sumbawa. To bring the MXGP event to Indonesia has been one of our proudest moments. The public enthusiasm is really impressive, as the audience is not only from local but also from foreign countries and International MXGP enthusiasts. We are really excited for the next MXGP events, as we have been given the trust by Infront to hold the upcoming two series of MXGP that will be held in Sumbawa and Lombok. As MXGP in Samota-Sumbawa recently received MXGP Best Media Opportunity, it’s such a big honour for us to receive this award.

“We really appreciate the chance and trust that is given to us by the MXGP family. With the success of the event, we are thanking all the partners such as the government, local sectors, and community who support the event. SEG and team will provide the best effort on executing and organising the upcoming events of MXGP Sumbawa and Lombok in 2023.”

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