Lombok is paradise for adventure seekers. From pristine beaches to epic volcanoes and waterfalls, there’s something for every type of traveler. It’s often described as what Bali looked like 30 years ago due to the smaller crowds and more rugged, authentic vibes.


I’d recommend a week minimum for exploring the island but if you have more time you could spend months on Lombok and not get bored!

It certainly depends on what kind of holiday you want. You could always send us an email, so we can advise you on this.


The south coast is home to many of Lombok’s most beautiful beaches. Like the waterfalls on the island, there are a seemingly endless number of beaches ranging from established ones with restaurants and beach chairs for rent to strips of sand a mile long that look like they’ve never been touched by a human. It’s worth renting a scooter and whizzing down the coast in search of your own little slice of paradise. Two of many people favorites are Tanjung Aan and Mawi beach, both a short scooter ride from Kuta!

If you’re a surfer, or interested in learning, Lombok is known to have as good of surfing as Bali but without the crowds! At pretty much every beach, you can find board rental for around 50k for the day. An instructor if you need, or a boat to take you out to the break.

Between the coves and beaches, there are lots of cool little hills you can hike for a view of the beautiful coastline and Indian Ocean. One of the favorite one near Kuta is Bukit Merese, which is known to be an awesome spot to watch the sunset. It’s also right next to Tanjung Aan beach!

Check out our full guide for more details.

In between Mt. Rinjani and the south coast, you have lots more amazing waterfalls to explore! The most famous ones are Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu, a little over an hour north of Kuta. There’s an 11m cliff jump and tons of exploring to be done! This is probably easiest done as another stop on your journey south but it’s also not too bad of a trip from Kuta on a scooter. If you would prefer not to drive yourself, you can also easily hire a driver and guide with us. Inquiry at our reception or via email !

Last but not least, there are tons of islands to explore along the coast. Everyone has heard of the 3 Gili Islands in the north, a popular party and relaxation destination, but not many people know that there are actually more than 50 Gilis around Lombok in total! You can explore these “Secret Gilis” on an island hopping trip where you’ll spend your day lounging on private islands and snorkeling among the amazing marine life.