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Welcome to same same Hangout, the place where digital nomads really can work in paradise. Our wifi is one of the fastest wifi’s on Lombok Island and we made sure that all corners are covered, so you will never drop out of a conference call or class again.

We have comfortable chairs, but for those who prefer to laze and work, we also have beanbags and hammocks. We don’t ask for an entrance feel, but we do ask that you at least order a coffee or a juice, so that our friendly staff have something to do while you are working. Trust us, they will bring your drinks with a smile.

We started as a Food Café, but post covid, we decided to only serve drinks and do food special night, so keep your eyes open for our specials. You can always ask our staff when there is a food night and what will be served!

What will your find @ same same Hangout?

  • Fast WiFi – 400 Mbps fiber
  • Comfortable seating
  • Beanbags & hammocks
  • Quiet areas
  • Cold drinks
  • Friendly staff
  • No extra fees
  • Quiet relaxing vibe

Some of our special dishes: