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Fast wifi in kuta lombok

When I was traveling 10 years ago, internet was a luxury. Nowadays, internet is everywhere. Well, this is actually only the case if you are okay with having a 56k like connection.
The truth is when traveling in Asia – or anywhere else -, especially Parediseey places, having a good internet connection in paradise is also a luxury.

4G and soon 5G is a great help, it’s awesome ! However,this mobile connection is pretty unreliable and can be easily disrupted by rain, wind and concrete housing 😀

At SAME SAME, I made the choice of providing to all visitors and guests, the best possible Fast WiFi in Lombok. Was I successful in the setup?

Yes Yes and Yes

We have several modem setups, that either work as primary or secondary internet connection. All connected to a load balancing router and business grade access points. I will spare you the further details of the setup.

The result is that at SAME SAME we do have the fastest WiFi in Lombok. It’s actually triple the speed then the highest single fiber connection that you can get in Lombok.

349 Mbps on average, in Paradise, not bad, right !

The speeds are limited per device to ensure everyone get’s their fair share. So you will receive 7 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speeds. To slow you say, well if that speed would have to be shared among multiple people and devices, hell yeah, then it is to slow.

10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload is the speeds on most modems in Lombok.


You are always welcome to pass by and try to slow the internet down… But I did run a speed test with 10 devices downloading and uploading 10 Gigabyte of data… And all had 6.4 Mbps down and 3.8 upload.

So, fast WiFi in Lombok? Reality at SAME SAME.

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