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“The Story of SAME SAME: From a Belgian’s Dream to Lombok’s Gem”

Tucked away in Kuta, Lombok, SAME SAME represents more than just a venue. It’s a dream hailing from the charming streets of Belgium that found its soulful place in Indonesia. Dive into the captivating tale of a wanderer, Bart, who turned his dream into a vibrant reality, crafting an oasis that feels remarkably like home.

A Belgian Dream:
In the captivating landscapes of Belgium, young Bart nurtured a dream: to create a travel spot that echoed the warmth and coziness of home. With Belgium’s delightful chocolates and beers close to his heart, the allure of exploring new horizons beckoned him.

The Lombok Adventure Begins:
2014 was the year that changed everything. With dreams in his eyes and adventure in his heart, Bart was drawn to Lombok. Beyond its sun-kissed beaches and lush landscapes, he saw a potential to blend the inviting warmth of Belgium with Lombok’s native allure.

The Inception of SAME SAME Bungalows:
The dream materialized first with SAME SAME Bungalows. These enchanting bamboo structures, an epitome of Lombok’s architectural charm, provided travelers with a serene haven. However, after a memorable five-year stint at its original location, SAME SAME Bungalows bid its first adieu.

Rebirth and Expansion:
2019 marked a resurgence. SAME SAME Bungalows sprouted in a fresh location, and with it, the birth of SAME SAME Hangout occurred. This wasn’t merely a restaurant; it emerged as the community’s hub, where every meal resonated with the homely vibes of Belgian and French cuisine.

The Advent of cokreate:
As the post-COVID era dawned, Bart discerned the shifting needs of travelers. Enter cokreate: a sanctuary for digital nomads, freelancers, and dedicated professionals. Equipped with top-notch amenities, this workspace quickly garnered a loyal following.

Embodying the Essence of Home:
Feedback streamed in, but a common refrain persisted: “This place feels like coming home.” This was the ultimate homage to Bart’s vision. SAME SAME evolved from merely an establishment to a community, a collective.

The Road Ahead:
While SAME SAME has celebrated myriad milestones, its foundational vision endures: to serve as a cherished home away from home. With aspirations of hosting special events, promotions, and intensifying sustainability endeavors, the chronicle of SAME SAME is far from over.

Tracing its lineage from a Belgian dreamer’s aspirations to Lombok’s crown jewel, SAME SAME stands as a testimony to passion, resilience, and the magical confluence of diverse cultures. Join us on this journey as we seamlessly merge Belgian hospitality with the quintessential charm of Lombok, crafting memories one moment at a time.

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