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Mount Rinjani COVID-19 Advice & Regulations (2020)

After extensive meetings between the Mount Rinjani National Park authority (TNGR) and local government officials, a health protocol and management plan has been agreed to allow for the safe re-opening and management of Mount Rinjani trekking in the post COVID-19 world. The new regulations are listed below.

Mount Rinjani COVID-19 Regulations 2020

The below list outlines official regulations relating to Mount Rinjani Trekking from 7th July 2020. These may be subject to change, so it is worth contacting us for up-to-date requirements.

  • Trekkers will require a valid letter stating that they are free from COVID 19 (rapid test or PCR accepted).
  • Trekkers will be required to fill out the Travel History form (applicable in Lombok).
  • Trekkers will be required to use a face mask / face shield and hand gloves
  • Trekkers are required to bring a hand sanitizer
  • Trekkers are required to present a certificate showing they are free from the symptoms of COVID-19, such as high fever, shortness of breath, coughing and colds.
  • Trekkers are required to carry and use personal equipment, especially cutlery / eating utensils, as well as pillow and sleeping bag.
  • There will be a maximum of 6 trekkers per group

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