Bali Plans to Re-open in December 2020

Resume of Socialization from the Health Office *

Day: Friday, 6 November 2020
from Dr. Terawan Agus Putranto; RI Health Director / Ministery

Following up on directions from the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment to the Directorate General of Health, in an effort to restore the national economy, especially Bali by increasing tourism in Bali, the Minister released the following plan, translated from Bahasa Indonesian.

Several concrete steps will be taken by the government, as a commitment to improve the people’s economy.

  1. Opening International flights to and from Bali, which will be planned
    starting December 1, 2020. And it is hoped that all stakeholders and shareholders will join hands in the success of the government’s agenda.
  2. Prepare supporting facilities and infrastructure in Bandar Ngurah Rai along with other related units, especially matters relating to health protocols.
  3. Creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for foreign tourists visiting Bali, eliminating the stiff atmosphere, bureaucratic atmosphere and tense atmosphere (no TNI or Polri apparatus) in order to attract and give the impression that Bali is a cool, pleasant and welcome place and ready to welcome the arrival of foreign tourists while still enforcing health protocols, (Keep Distance, wear masks and wash hands). That Covid 19 is a common disease, just like the flu, or fever need not be excessive
  4. There will be simulations starting from the arrival of passengers, the SWEB / PCR checkpoint at arrival, how long it will take the scanning process to arrive at the passenger pick-up point. This simulation will be carried out tomorrow, Saturday, November 7, 2020, together with the Airport and Airport Authority (AP 1) and Otband together with the Headquarters Health team.
  5. Implement * DIGITALIZATION SYSTEM * on the SWB / PCR examination system, in order to detect earlier and more accurately verify misuse such as fake data, expired data, also avoid long queues of passengers when they arrive with QR-Code, so that passengers can go directly to the hotel.
  6. Prepare hotel accommodation according to the needs and number of passengers, to wait for the results of the intended SWEB / PCR. The results of the SWEB / PCR will be known 3-4 hours after the test is carried out.
  7. The SWEB / PCR test results will be sent to passengers at temporary accommodation hotels by KKP officers. The SWEB / PCR test fees and hotel accommodation will be borne by the passengers themselves. The Denpasar KKP was asked to prepare hotels, starting from 2 hotels, then 4 hotels or 10 hotels according to the needs and number of arriving passengers.
    If the test results are stated positive, then the passenger will be isolated by the government at the cost of being borne by the passenger himself, in this connection to ensure insurance for each passenger.
  8. As an effort to accelerate, a * Mobile Laboratory * will be prepared to carry out the SWEB / PCR checking process, and will also appoint seven (07) laboratories in Bali, parallel while waiting for the construction of a permanent supporting laboratory in Bali.
  9. The Mobile Laboratory will be sent to Bali immediately, its placement will be further arranged. Indo Farma as a state-owned company engaged in providing pharmaceutical facilities, in order to support the smooth running of the above stages and processes.
  10. Transit passengers should make a special route by the airport authorities so that they do not come into contact with arriving passengers, and transit passengers do not need a SWEB / PCR test.
  11. Tell passengers that the E-HAC must be enforced before landing the data has been submitted.
  12. AP 1 and Otband, are ready to support and oversee the steps and government programs launched.

So there you have it. A piece of cake.

I am sure that the process will be as smooth as any of the great triumphs that the airport is now famous for rolling out. Of course there will be hiccups, but any system would have its own bugs that need working out.

So book your flights and get ready to Come Back to Lombok!🙏

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