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How to get to SAME SAME in Kuta Lombok

There are several ways to come to Lombok, to make it easier, we made a list. In case you would like to have more information, please send us an email on [email protected] and we will help you with any questions or bookings. We can also arrange transport even when you are not staying at SAME SAME.

Prices listed below are for drop of in the Kuta area.

Coming by plane to Lombok

Traveling by plane is always a good choice.
It’s safe, fast, and an economic way to travel. There are several countries that have international flights to Lombok. But there is also a lot of domestic flight coming into Lombok.

Book a driver that will await you at the airport for Rp. 200.000

The journey down to Kuta Lombok from the airport will take around 25 minutes.
We will be waiting you with some refreshments.

By ferry from
Padang Bay in Bali to Lembar in Lombok

Traveling by ferry is slow but cheap.
The ferry departs every hour from Padang Bay in Bali and it takes 5 hours to Lembar, Lombok. You can buy a ticket for the ferry from Bali to Lombok at the ticket office in the harbor.

Prices for the tickets are:

Per person : Rp. 46.000
For Children : Rp. 26.000

Motorbike < 500cc : Rp. 129.000
Motorbike > 500cc : Rp. 250.000

By car : Rp. 917.000

Book a driver directly at SAME SAME to bring you to Kuta Lombok, price for this is Rp. 400.000

The journey from Lembar to Kuta Lombok takes around 1h 30min


Fast boats departs daily and 3 times per day.
You can take a fast boat from Sanur, Amed, Serangan or Gilis.  The trip takes 2 hours and you will arrive in Senggigi, the west part of Lombok.

We can arrange pickup for you for Rp. 500.000

The journey to Kuta Lombok will take around 1h 45min


Local boats departs every hour from Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili meno to Bangsal, Lombok.

We can arrange pickup for you for Rp. 500.000

The journey to Kuta Lombok will take around 1h 45min

From Senggigi to Kuta Lombok by motorbike or car

If you have your own motorbike or car, it is easy to get to Kuta Lombok and you will enjoy an incredible scenery along the trip.

From Senggigi you should follow the big road to the Airport. At the airport make sure you take the road to Sengkol, this is the third exit on the roundabout. ( first is for the airport, second is the new road to Tanjung Aan ).

You will cross many villages but there are signs on the way.

If you feel lost don’t worry and ask the local people, they will be happy to help and show you the direction.

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