Eco-Friendly Ventures in Lombok: SAME SAME’s Commitment to Sustainability

In the tranquil settings of Kuta, Lombok, SAME SAME isn’t just a home away from home. It’s a beacon of eco-consciousness, pioneering the path to sustainability without compromising on comfort and luxury.

Our Green Steps:
At SAME SAME, every step is a green step. Here’s a snapshot of our eco-journey:

  • LED All the Way: Swapping conventional bulbs for LED lights wasn’t just an aesthetic choice. It was a nod to energy conservation, reducing our energy consumption substantially.
  • Eco-Friendly Appliances: From the kitchen to the lounge, every appliance at SAME SAME resonates with our eco-commitment, minimizing energy wastage.
  • Solar Endeavors: While solar lights adorn specific sections, our vision encompasses a broader solar horizon.
  • Water Wisdom: With meticulous water management practices, we ensure minimal wastage and optimal use.
  • A Zero-Waste Vision: Almost zero food waste is a testimony to our commitment to sustainability. It’s not just about serving delightful dishes; it’s about doing so responsibly.

Milestones Achieved:
Our journey towards a greener tomorrow has been both challenging and rewarding. One of our proudest moments? Reducing our waste by a whopping 50% compared to last year. And guess what? We’re not stopping there. Our commitment drives us to constantly seek ways to further diminish our carbon footprint.

A Glimpse of the Future:
Our sustainability story is an ongoing one. We’re gearing up to invest in solar panels, heralding an era of cleaner and greener energy. Moreover, we’re exploring eco-friendlier avenues in food storage and processing, ensuring our guests enjoy the freshest produce with the least environmental impact.

David, a regular at SAME SAME Hangout, mentioned, “The sustainability efforts here don’t just stop at promises. Every time I visit, I witness a new eco-initiative. It feels great to support such a place.”

At SAME SAME, sustainability isn’t a mere buzzword; it’s a way of life. From our delectable Belgian-French dishes at SAME SAME Hangout to the serene embrace of our bamboo bungalows at SAME SAME Bungalows and the state-of-the-art facilities at cokreate, our commitment to the environment shines through. Join us in making a difference—one sustainable step at a time.

Samantha, a recent visitor, shared, “It’s so refreshing to see establishments like SAME SAME leading the way in eco-practices. Not just talk, but tangible actions. It adds a special touch to the entire experience.”

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