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Soon re-opening

After 23 months of being closed, we are no getting ready to re-open again. At the moment we are doing the giant cleanup and also some small renovations and improvements.


Our bar will open foodless for the first few weeks/months, depending on supply and demand. Have you been eating at SAME SAME Hangout before and you want to enjoy one of our specialty dishes? Please do send us a message and we will prepare the dish for you!

SAME SAME Bungalows

Our bungalows will be open by 1st of august. Set in the back of our garden, you will be able to enjoy a good night in our bungalows of luxury tents ! Because we want our ecological footprint to be as small as possible, the bathroom is shared.

For 8 people, there is 2 toilets and 2 hot showers. This should be plenty !

In addition to this, we also found that there is a need for a few new things.

SAME SAME Bungalows part 2

Two of our Bamboo bungalows will be in a private part of the garden. In addition to two bungalows, there will also be a living and bathroom area. So you will be able to enjoy our bungalows in your own tropical garden!

  • 2 Bamboo Bungalows
  • Private bathroom / toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Sofa with TV


As at the moment, we are not able to be in Lombok full time, we also decided to do some renovations on our house, after those are completed, we will be renting our house also. Trust me, you will love it !

SAME SAME Co-working

Set behind the door of our reception, we are also preparing a co-working space with AC and desks. You will be able to work in all comfort and this area will be accessible 24/7 when you have a weekly or monthly membership!

Needless to say that we are making sure that the internet will be excellent.

We hope to welcome you very soon !

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