Our restaurant is open in Kuta Lombok

Two weeks ago, we opened our restaurant again after 2 year of closure.
The first week, we were only serving ice cold drinks, juices, beers, our signature teas and coffee.

Since last week, we are also serving a few of our dishes. As pre pandemic, we try to serve food that you cannot find in any other restaurant in Kuta Lombok. Well, most of our dishes you can’t find in Lombok or even entire Indonesia!

Visit us in Kuta Lombok for:

Soup !

At the moment we made our delicious Pumpkin Soup again. The soup is served with bread.


The sandiches are soft ciabatta bread. In the future, we will have a selection of bread, but for now we chose soft ciabatta bread as this is perfect to create a delicious sandwich.

You can choose the topping:

  1. Tuna Salad
  2. Pulled Chicken
  3. Hummus

The sandwiches in our food café are server with a side salad.


Stoofvlees / Stoverij / Beefstew. Yes people, this famous Belgian dish is back in Lombok!
Slowly cooked beef stew in premium dark beer. This is a must try !

Chicken stew with a twist. This Belgian / French dish is deliciously refreshing for being a stew. Originally made for the queen of France…

In Belgium we also call this “koninginnenhapje” which literally means “Snack for the queen”


Bolognaise… This dish doesn’t require any introduction. But allow us to mention that we take our time making this dish. We let it simmer for 3 – 4 hours, this way all flavors are perfectly combined. We also add red wine for even more flavor!

Green creamy pesto. Are you tired of those to much oil green looking pesto on your pasta? We have got you covered.

We make our pesto with avocados, basil and rucola.
Of course there are other ingredients, but no cheese, making this perfect for vegans.

This week we will add a few dishes to our menu, so feel free to pop in and try them all!

Visit our restaurants website for the full menu and all information.

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