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Event calendar 2021

February – March 2021: Bau Nyale Festival

Bau Nyale Festival will be held at Seger Beach of Mandalika, Central Lombok. The exact time will be set based on the Sasak Tribe calendar.

April 2021: Tambora Festival

The establishment of the Tambora Festival is to commemorate the Tambora volcano that erupted two centuries and six years ago. The volcanic eruption that affected two regencies; Bima and Dompu, killed 71,000 lives and destroyed three kingdoms.  

In the series of Tambora Festival, there will also be Lawata Festival at Lawata Bima Beach, the Teka Tambora or hiking activity at Mount Tambora, and Tambora Challenge. This is an extreme ultra-marathon event of 320 kilometers that starts from Poto Tano in Sumbawa to Doro Ncanga in Dompu.

April – May: Khazanah Ramadhan Festival

The event will be held during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan in April-May 2021 at the NTB Islamic Center complex. It is scheduled that Grand Imams from Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan will take turns to lead tarawih prayers at Hubbul Wathan Mosque.

July 3: Iron Man

Iron Man is a sports event which will be held at the beach.

August – September: Lombok Sumbawa Month

The agenda will be held in a full month, starting in August to September 2021. There will be a variety of festivals, such as Mataram Carnival, Gumi Selaparang Week in East Lombok, Senggigi Festival in West Lombok, Gili Tramena Festival in North Lombok, and Moyo Festival in Sumbawa.

October 2021: MotoGP Mandalika and L’Etape

The L’Etape is part of the Tour de France which will be held at the beginning of the month. It will be followed by a MotoGP race at the Mandalika circuit in Central Lombok.

November 20: Taliwang Festival

The Taliwang Festival will be held in West Sumbawa on November 20. There will be a buffalo race, or Berapan Kebo at the muddy rice field, cross country, and West Sumbawa culinary tour.

Desember 2021: Accomodation and Tenun Festival of Lombok Sumbawa

This festival will conclude the 2021 and become the peak of the various agenda throughout the year.

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